Comment Rules

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  1. No foul language – Any comments that contain any abusive language will not be approved and will be regarded as spams.
  2. No Bullying – Any comments that contain insults, verbal attacks or any other forms of cyberbullying will not be approved. Calling others “noobs” counts too.
  3. Useless links are not allowed – All comments that contains links will be put under review. Comments that contain helpful, informative links will get approved. Any comments containing suspicious, promotion links will be regarded as spams. It is recommended not to put more than 2 links in each comment, or the system may regard your comment as spam.
  4. Keep all promotion to the minimum – You can promote your own website, business or brands in your comment. Nonetheless, keep your promotion relevant to the post content, and other visitors will find the promotion useful.
  5. No grammatical mistakes – Well, I will not disapprove your comment if your comment has grammatical mistakes – but I will censor it and help you correct it.