Hidden Dinosaur Game in Chrome??

Remember this lovely dinosaur? I believe that everyone here is familiar with an Easter egg in Google Chrome – the dinosaur game (Chrome Dino). The game starts when the user tries to access a website while disconnected from the internet,…

What can restone activate?

restone, technology Hi everyone, today I will talk about what can redstone signal activates. Everyone knows that redstone block can activate tnt, piston and restone lamp. But actually many things can be activated by redstone. Firstly, dispensers. Redstone is activate…

No minecraft

How to STOP Minecraft Addiction

Minecraft is one of the most wonderful games that cause people to spend tonnes of time on it. This is because in Minecraft, building and creating systems spend time. Players usually have to “grind” resources in order to progress fast. Well, time flies when teenagers are playing Minecraft. Therefore, it is hard for them to acknowledge their addictions. Many neglects the problem and cause irreversible damage to their life. This problem is very serious nowadays, and it should be monitored.