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How to Find Herobrine in Minecraft

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Herobine in minecraft is a scary legend that is very popular. Even Mojang, the company takes this legend as a joke. Keep writing “removed herobine” in the updates. However, in the latest update, the sentnece “removed herobine” is missing, which makes people think that herobeine has come back. Therefore, I would like to use this post to introduce you what is herobine an. How to summon it.

Herobine is a Steve but with white eyes. It may seem ridiculous but people often say they saw it in the game during their gameplay at midnight. Some may even say that herobine is actually a employee in mojang. Of course, all of them are clickbait in my mind. Today, I will introduce you some interesting myths on the internet to spawn herobine.

Firstly, let me introduce a real way to spawn herobine in minecraft, dowload a mod. There are several mods provides herobine as 1 of the creatures. Some mods may require you to make a redstone sacrificial altar for spawning, while some provides it as an enemy which will annoy you by attacking you or destroying your buildings. Quite fun if you are interested in herobine. Herobine mod is very popular nowadays, quite prefer you guys to dowload 1 and try try. May be you will get scared by herobine and get more info about herobine lol

Now, I will introduce you the believed methods to create herobine.

Redstone altar

They believe that when they set the nether stone in fire, herobine will be summoned.

This is the most famous altar in summoning herobine. There are many variances of the altar, like placing redstone block instead of nether stone.

2. Playing the broken CD at 03:00.

this is also a famous summoning method, by saying playing the vroken CD at reality time 03:00. Of course, there will only be creepy music by the CD and you will be scared as it is at midnight (lol🤣) People also believed that this will summon herobine.

3. A dirt cross at 4:00 am

Spooky, ah? Some also thinks this death symbol will also spawn the legendary herobrine.

Lastly, if you really see a herobine when playing Minecraft without downloading a mod. Please comment below and tell us your experience. Looking forward to your comment 🙃🙃.

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