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The Tower – Idle Game Defense Game Review

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The Tower – Idle Game Defense is an idle game developed by Tech Trees that combines both upgrades and tower defence elements. It is an incremental tower defence game in which players have to control a single tower. Fight off waves of enemies by upgrading the tower’s attack and defence abilities. Gather gems and special coins to upgrade your tower’s initial strength to reach higher game tiers. The game is simplistic – most strategical decisions lie on your careful investment in different upgrades.


Incremental gameplay with lots of upgrade options

More and more upgrade options will be unlocked when you progress, giving your sole tower well-rounded equipment to ward off stronger incoming enemies.’

The basic upgrades- attack and defense upgrades enhance the strength of the tower. The cash utility upgrade let players earn extra coins and gems, so they can progress faster. The best thing is that you will unlock new upgrade options periodically. Then you can hit those square-shaped enemies with thorns and deal more exciting crit damage.

Use your gems and coins to buy cards and do research to power-up your tower. You may even find some wonderful cards and give your tower exceptional functions!

Optimized graphics and smooth gameplay

It has a clear design and nice graphics. Lagging is not an issue in this idle game either.

Offline gameplay supported, with online tournaments

The Tower Tournament

You can play it everywhere and have fun upgrading stuff. Once you feel powerful enough, you can join regular online tournaments where you can move up leagues and fight other real players. Awesome rewards await!



Watching your tower statistics and your money increase is SATISFYING. As usual, this is the main point of playing an idle game.

The game can be played offline. You can play it in a lift or a toilet (lol) uninterrupted. Many games nowadays require a stable connection and this game doesn’t. It also has online tournaments in which you can compete with other fellow players.

There are also many other games I have reviewed that support offline gameplay.


I am not an idle game fan, and I am sure many of its haters have the same opinion. This game is not interactive. You can’t control how the tower shoots the enemies, which makes it sometimes boring and unsurprising. It seems like all your stats determine your playing strength rather than strategies.

You have to grind coins and gems by defeating enemies in order to upgrade your tower, leading it to be the only way to progress. Keep upgrading stats to get through hard enemy waves during progressing is very tiring and repetitive.

Guide (Spoiler)

For the first 30 waves, try to put your coins into upgrading damage and attack speed.

Watch out for gems that will suddenly appear around your tower so you won’t miss the chance to earn extra gems.

Watch ads or do offerwall missions to get free gems.


This little idle game has a fascinating community too. Check out guides, and discover memes and interesting stuff about this game.

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