XMA-3 is a force for good

Santa’s Little Helper – Plague Inc. Offical Scenario

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Plague Inc. is a terrifying pandemic simulation game that sets mass-murdering everyone in the world as its winning aim. In this official scenario, you do not have to kill everyone without mercy – but spread the happiness of Christmas to the whole world where everyone forgot how to be happy already.


XMA-3 is a force for good

The world is dark and gloomy. Boring governments worldwide have banned holidays, laughter and celebrations. Humanity has forgotten how to have fun – people dress in grey and spend all their time working. Luckily, Neruax Worm has teamed up with Santa and is determined to infect the whole world with joy and happiness. Can Santa’s little helper makes a mircale happen?

– Offical description

XMA-3 is a force for good

– First pop-up screen during the game

Aim -> Make everybody happy by infecting everybody with the neurax worm.


In this scenario, Santa’s Little Helper is similar to a neurax worm gameplay, although its associated features are very much different.

No more “Deaths”, Severity = Happiness

Infectivity, awareness and lethality bar plague inc.

The typical death counter will not move since nobody would die in this particular scenario. The severity counter is also replaced by Happiness (Awareness) too. The more severe this “Christmas disease” is, the happier the infected are. How ridiculous!

Totally different transmission, symptoms and ability routes

This game mode has totally different transmission, symptoms and ability evolution vectors. They also have interesting names, like “Emotive Radar”, “Snowballs 1/2” and “Cracker Cocoon” which contains full of jokes and humour in them.

All Airports, Seaports and Land Borders are closed initially.

Everything closed

This brings a new challenge to the game. As people can’t infect each other through international travelling, it will be more difficult to transmit this disease. Don’t worry, you can use your DNA to buy the “Digital Elf” to bait people to open their own borders, although this may take quite a long time to see its effect. Using “Gift Planes” and “Surprise Delivery” also helps bring the worm into new countries. Countries that are fully infected will open their borders automatically.

People make the cure quite fast, race with time!

The cure is made faster than other scenarios and official game modes. This is just a feeling and I haven’t got confirmation about it tho. ESPECIALLY MEGA BRUTAL!!!

Ridiculous news headlines

Ridiculous News Headlines in Plague Inc.


Santa's Little Helper end-game screen
Greenland AGAIN!

Fun game mode which has an interesting concept inside. I like it! However, it doesn’t have very interactive elements like that in the Zombie/Chimpanzee mode (I forgot the name), in which you can control the zombies and the infected to move and do your bidding. I also love the news headlines on how the government tries desperately to stop people from getting happy.

Scenario Score: 8.6/10

This game mode is included in Plague Inc. Evolved package and was initially available in the Plague Inc phone/tablet app.

(Plague Inc. is one of my favourite simulation games and I hope this brief introduction to this particular game mode may interest you!)

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