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Top 5 Best Ores in Minecraft

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Ores are an important part of Minecraft. Players usually have to use them to upgrade weapons, armours and items regularly. Among all these ores, have you ever thought which of them is the best?

5. Gold Ores

Gold stuff Minecraft

Gold makes bad tools. Gold tools have extremely low durability and they are as weak as wooden tools. Then, why do I say gold is one of the best ores in Minecraft?

Gold can be used to craft a variety of items, such as golden apples/carrots and clocks. The golden apple is a very useful consumable. When you find yourself in a desperate situation, it can heal you and give you an astounding resistance effect, protecting you.

Minecraft Bartering Rare Items
(Drop Table from Minecraft Wiki)

After the Nether Update, the potential of gold is fully unleashed. You can use it to barter with piglins. If you are lucky, you would be able to get rare items like enchanted books/armours, potions of fire resistances and ender pearls etc in exchange for your gold.

Just like in reality, gold is rare, except in the Badland Biome, which is overloaded with gold thanks to the update. Many won’t notice its rarity because it is not much useful when compared to diamond and netherite.

4. Emerald Ore

emerald ore minecraft

Definitely my favourite ore because of my strange fascination with the villager trading mechanism.

It is my favourite but I agree it is far from being the best ore since it is not usually any useful. 4th is good for it.

Wandering Villagers trades minecraft

Emerald is the main currency of trading. Villagers will buy and sell items with emeralds, similar to the concept of money in real life. Comparable with piglin bartering, you can obtain valuable stuff like Mansion/Monument maps, enchanted books, etc.

Emerald ores spawn on all levels. However, finding one needs real dedication and luck. It is even spawned in aboveground mountains, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to get your hands on them through mining. If you want emeralds, better go to a nearby village and look for some cheap trades.

Oh yes, don’t you find those blocks of emerald attractive? No wonder villagers love them that much.

This is an old video, sadly this Youtuber stopped making such charming content recently. (ExplodingTNT)

3. Redstone Ore

redstone stuff minecraft

Redstone ore can be found in the lower levels of the terrain in abundance. Unlike other ores, redstone ores glow and emit small red particles in the dark. Mining it also gains a lot of exp, which is a great way to grind cheap XP for enchantments.

Perhaps, the main reason redstone is one of the best ores is its ability to “replicate” real-life electrical circuits and appliances. You can use redstone to craft amazing redstone-powered items like powered rails, note blocks and dispensers. With the power support of redstone dust and redstone torches/blocks, they have great use and add a lot of dynamics to the game.

Redstone is a huge thing in Minecraft. There are constantly new redstone builds posted on social media, while the Minecraft official team continues to add updates and revamps to it. Pros manage to make amazing circuits like a repeating circuit, AND/OR gates (logic gates), helping them to build wonderful and advanced creations like escalators and moving robots, some even go far to build a redstone-powered computer themselves!

There are even streamers hosting redstone competitions, and people making also ridiculous redstone quizzes out there, confirming the popularity of redstone buildings.

A recent redstone competition which was hosted by Youtuber Sipover.

To be a redstone pro, there is a lot to learn and it is not gonna be easy. You can learn some of the basics from this post.

Redstone has other great use, like making compasses, which can help players to locate the direction to their initial spawn point.

But why, redstone ore is not the best ore in Minecraft? Well, it has two big competitions…

2. Iron Ore

Iron stuff Minecraft
Do you see those llamas lurking there? Hehe

Iron is the most useful ore in Minecraft. There is no doubt about it. It is easily found on all underground levels. Some veterans are even able to find them on day 1 of their survival journey, too.

Iron makes mediocre gears, but it is already ok if you know how to use it soundly, that’s why it is one of the best mid-game items in Minecraft. Iron blocks make an anvil, used to repair and “combine” tools. Iron doors/trapdoors also give great protection, as they can’t be opened easily. Iron can make shields, completing your fighting set-up. You can craft it into a train-like minecart, while you use it to journey through the wild. In short, iron is a crucial part of most crafting recipes in Minecraft.

As iron is easily gathered in large amounts, speedrunners tend to use irons to craft their armors and some of their tools/weapons. Iron offers great protection, just slightly lagging behind diamond/netherite armors. Iron gears also have nice durability, compared to leather, wood and gold gears which breaks easily.

As a village lover myself, I can’t help mentioning you can use iron to make iron golems. By placing 4 iron blocks (36 iron ingots) + 1 pumpkin, it spawns a beast that has incredibly high health and damage, sending hostile mobs flying everywhere, protecting the village from invaders with ease.

Iron ores, unlike redstone and emerald ore, it has to be smelt in furnaces or blast furnaces to make iron ingots. This may be pretty annoying, but using multiple furnaces can shorten the smelting time easily. The smelting process gives valuable XPs too!

Hmm, there is an even better ore with even greater strength…

1. Diamond Ore

Diamond stuff Minecraft

Are you surprised that it isn’t netherite? Well, there is no such thing called “netherite ore”, the official name is “netherite scrap”.

Although diamond ceased to be the most precious, most useful and most wanted ore in Minecraft, I am sure many will still agree that the legendary diamond is worth being placed first among all MC ores.

Diamond has a long history. It is introduced in the Java Edition Indev, a prototype version about 12 years ago (2010). It is repeatedly revamped and included in more and more crafting recipes as time goes by.

Diamond is rare, normally found uncommonly at level 15 or lower. Diamond ores are notoriously spawned near lava. With the new Caves & Cliffs update introduced, diamonds are less found in open spaces like caves, which is quite a challenge for every Minecrafters as you may have to “strip-mine” to find more diamonds effectively.

Plus, you need to mine diamonds first in order to make netherite gears. You can upgrade diamond gears to netherite gears through a smithing table. Without diamonds, no netherite gears for you!

Just a joke, diamond is one of the crafting parts in the music-producing jukebox. Unless you are very rich (virtually) in Minecraft, who would spend diamonds on a music jammer?

Bonus: Copper Ore

Copper is a new ore added in the Caves & Cliffs update. I don’t like it much as it is even more useless than gold. Sometimes my inventory is clogged with them and it is disturbing.

It is as common as coal. Well, coal makes torches and serves as a great fuel if you are short on planks. However, copper has few uses. Well, there is a great crafting recipe for copper – Spyglass. It is a fun tool and maybe it is the reason I will still mine coppers when I see them. Copper can craft lightning rods and copper horns, but they are useless anyway. I certainly hope Mojang will add more features and include them in more crafting recipes in the future.

I also don’t include netherite ore, cos it is ugly and me NoOB can’t survive nether to get it lol. Lapis lazuli is ok but I prefer them to be used as dyes for my beds and sheep rather than enchantment. Sorry for voicing these unpopular opinions.


Would Mojang add more new ores in Minecraft? Ruby ores? Tin ores? Or even lead ores? Would they replace the abovementioned ores and become one of the best ores in Minecraft?

What is your favourite ore? Let me guess, it is probably diamond, isn’t it? If not, show me why in the comment section!

Note: Well… This article only expresses my own opinion. There is no official “Best Ore” in Minecraft. Just so you know.

Last Update: 13/4/2022 (Will update if Mojang adds new ores)

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