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How to STOP Minecraft Addiction

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Many one love Minecraft nowadays. Interesting gameplay like survival mode, redstone, servers e.t.c. Minecraft provides a lot of fun to students and can reduce their boredom.

However, this is a double-edged sword situation, playing Minecraft seems to be a social norm. Many students are addicted to Minecraft, some spend hours on it every day, adversely affecting their academic and social life. This will change their lifestyle, which poses threat to his mental and physical well-being. This problem needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Minecraft is one of the most wonderful games that cause people to spend tonnes of time on it. This is because in Minecraft, building and creating systems spend time. Players usually have to “grind” resources in order to progress fast. Well, time flies when teenagers are playing Minecraft. Therefore, it is hard for them to acknowledge their addictions. Many neglects the problem and cause irreversible damage to their life. This problem is very serious nowadays, and it should be monitored.

Therefore, in this post, I will give several useful methods to reduce the addition of Minecraft.

1. Staying away from the computer or phone.

This is the most effective method to stop playing video games as no one can play video games without their electronic devices. Shopping or making food with them will definitely stop them from addicting Minecraft. This can also make them forget about video games for a while, hence reducing their reliance on the game, Minecraft. But this method will be hard if the attraction of Minecraft is so large, meaning that he is emotionally invested in the game. Then you need other methods to help him get rid of the addictions.

2. School is also a big helper in reducing addictions.

In normal school life, learning in a classroom already consumed 1/3 of a day, meaning that you will have less time for playing video games, meaning you will play fewer in Minecraft and will be more devoted to your academic improvement. This can motivate you to spend more time on the academic aspects instead of gaming. If you join after-school activities (sports, music, interest group.) You can even enrich yourself and reduce addictions at the same time, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Both the first 2 methods, are reducing the time of playing computer games. On the other hand, I would like to suggest another approach which is also worth our discussion, which is making themselves disciplined to reach the aim of not playing games.

3. Setting up a timetable.

When setting up a gaming timetable, teachers and parents need to discuss with them and guide them about their daily routine and set up a timetable so that they won’t make an inefficient timetable which isn’t helpful. Make sure teenagers should be the key decision-maker so that they will follow the timetable strictly and acknowledge their addiction situation and will try to improve.

4. Lastly, tell them the side effect of addicting Minecraft.

Show them the screen time he has played in these few days and tell the teenagers what do you think(like play hard, work hard instead of keeping playing, or do more sports instead of sitting for so long in front of the computer.) However, we should not scold him. Scolding will just worsen the situation. We should persuade them. Persuading them not to play that much. Tell them your concern. For example, if you are worried about their eyesight. You may persuade them by telling them playing Minecraft for so long will hurt their eyes e.t.c.

Hope all of you can get a fruitful days without playing computer games. Computer games are fun but it is not a forever measure for curing boreness. Go out and socialise with others to get a more fruitful life. Don’t waste so many time on minecraft. It doesn’t worth spending your whole teenage life.

One only live once…

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