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5 Creative Things you can do with Minecraft Dirt

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Dirt is one of the most abundant resources in Minecraft. In contrast to other easily-found resources like stone and tree logs, dirt is useless. You can’t craft anything useful out of it and the appearance of this block looks ugly, making it an obviously unsuitable candidate for designs. The problem is, that you probably get a lot of dirt from digging underground and dealing with creeper explosions.

How can we make this dirt useful? Creativity!

1. Dirt Houses

dirt house minecraft
Noob dirt house (Oh I forgot a torch, lol)

It looks like some noob creation, isn’t it? You probably have seen such designs in Minecraft memes, this low-effort design is probably one of the worst Minecraft house designs ever. But don’t underestimate the power of dirt, with the right placement, you will be able to see the beauty of dirt houses.

House with only dirt

This one is even better – it only uses plain dirt.


2. Dirt Statues

"MC" Statue in Minecraft

A good statue never needs attractive materials. In reality, the famous Statue of Liberty’s surface is made of rusted, green copper. Even though the colour looks plain, it is very famous and praised for its exceptional design.

In Minecraft, we can use dirt (also stone and wooden planks too) to make statues. Easy way to unload your useless stacks of dirt and make good use of it!

Your excess stack of dirt can also be used to make big texts. Spell out letters and numbers on your Minecraft Realm/servers and give a shock to your friends.

3. Combining different types of dirt

All types of dirt Minecraft

Oh, this is the most interesting part. There are a lot of types of dirt in Minecraft.

I like mycelium (grey dirt) the most, it is found in the Mushroom biome, where the Mooshrooms, cows with mushrooms spawn and they are so cute when walking on this grey dirt.

He used different types of dirt – farmlands, moss blocks, grass blocks and the normal dirt to build such a masterpiece! The decorations are also well-put, improving the house’s environment.

4. Pixel Art

You can make nice pixel art with your shovel + your hoe!

However, farmland dug by a hoe needs water or it will turn into regular dirt if it doesn’t have access to water. You can replace it with grass blocks or the other types of dirt I have mentioned earlier.

5. Terraforming (“Earth-shaping”)

Tree biome

Terraforming, or “Earth-shaping”, is a process of deliberately altering the environment to suit a specific purpose or to simply make it beautiful. (From Minecraft official)

After bulldozing a nearby annoying hill, you can use dirt to create new slopes and terrains, altering the environment and improving the scenery. These are large projects, so remember to plan them carefully before you start to terraform.

That’s it! You have learned how to unload your unused stacks of dirt and go creative with it. If you enjoy this short guide, share it with your friends and I will be grateful for it!

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