Blocks and Warriors

Block Hunt – Minecraft PVP Minigames

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Camouflage is always an interesting thing on Minecraft. In this minigame, one group of players will disguise themselves as blocks or mobs! Disguise as a moving diamond block, an innocent piece of log or a yummy chicken? Another group of players, the seekers will chase them down and kill them all for a clear victory!

This minigame may not be as popular as bedwars/skywars, but it still has some history and have a decent player base. Many servers have hosted this minigame and this article will cover them all! Strategies included!

General Gameplay

Blocks and Warriors

This is minigame is similar to hide-and-seek. Players are distributed into these two groups, while players disguised as blocks have to hide from the Hunters. The seekers have to hunt them down within a time limit.

Servers that have this minigame:


Mineplex Block Hunt

Divided into two groups: “Hiders” and “Hunters”.

Hiders – Have 30 seconds to prepare and hide. They can disguise as blocks and also mobs by clicking their preferred block/mobs. They also have a variety of skills that can help them to repel hunters.

Hunters – Hunt the hiders within a time limit. Also able to use skills to chase and catch fleeing hiders. Spot hiders and kill ’em.

How to win: When all hiders died, hunters win. If not, hiders win.

Just like other Mineplex minigames, a good kit can help you win. There is one free kit (Leaper Hunter/Swamp Hider) for both hunter and hider. With the rest being paid kits that can be purchased by in-game gems.

The Mineplex Block Hunt is available on both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. Player base: (Low, long waiting time. [Java]/Medium, ok waiting time [Bedrock])

Hypixel – Farm Hunt

Hypixel Farm Hunt

This time, the hiders are only able to disguise themselves as mobs.

This minigame is accessible by first going to the Arcade Games lobby and then choosing “Farm Hunt” (First row, third avatar)

Divided into two groups; “Hunters” and “Animals”.

Hunters – Equipped with sword and bow to kill hidden animals. They also have a special item – “Explosive Sheep”, which can help them to distinguish between hiding players and regular animals.

Animals – Animals have to hide from hunters, they can also fight back and kill hunters when they find themselves cornered with their knockback bow and fool hunters with a transformation wand.

How to win: Similar to Mineplex’s.

The Hypixel server is only available in Java Edition. Player base: Medium, ok waiting time.


Here I am gonna share some newbie strategies for this minigame.


For the Mineplex block hunt, I recommend you to start with the free kit provided first. They may not be the best kit offered, but at least you won’t waste your gems on kits before you know whether you like the game or not.


Hit and shoot everything

This applies to all hunting games. This is particularly useful in the early games as many players still haven’t hidden properly. Hit all suspicious blocks/mobs and you will have a small chance to find the

Hitbox Checking

Press F3 and B simultaneously, you will see clearly where the animals are looking. Those who are not looking straight – as NPC noobs always do, are probably players hiding.


Be a flower pot (Mineplex)

It is the smallest among all available blocks in the available block list, making it the most difficult to be hit. However, it has a massive downside as experienced hunters will look for flower pots first.

My opinion?

I spend some gems on the TNT kit in Mineplex and it is pretty fun to explode hidden blocks.

In my opinion, this game theme is ok…

If you have any thoughts on this Minecraft minigame, comment below!

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