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Paper.io Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough

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Paper.io is a territorial snake game. Players have to bite others’ tails to kill enemies and conquer as much territory as possible. Although the game is not multiplayer, bots can sometimes catch you off guard! This guy includes some of the beginner strategies and tips you need to know and a bonus walkthrough on how to conquer the whole paper.io map. (100.00%)

Don’t head off to the edges of the map (For beginners)

It is difficult to escape from danger and develop your territory efficiently. In addition, you will die if your head touches the edges carelessly.

Don’t be greedy

Patience. Patience. PATIENCE!!! Avoid taking more than 1% of the available territory each run. Go back inside to your territory regularly. You are taking risks every time you leave your territory!

If you want faster gameplay and reach rank 1 fast, change your game mode to Paper.io 2 Classic – Small map. The map is 4 times smaller: you will be able to reach the top of the leaderboard and also reach 100% in no time!

Be careful not to cut yourself with your head

I think you should know this already, just be careful.

Don’t bother other players most of the time

They are just bots. You don’t wanna die because you attempt to 1v1 them.

Cut other player’s territory like this (black line)

If you want to climb the leaderboard, like taking the no 1 position. You can try this strategy – Target the thin, weak points of an enemy’s territory. This strat is fast and allows you to cut a huge chunk of enemies’ territory easily. Don’t worry, the bots won’t go for crazy revenge.

Sometimes bots are foolish and leave their tail very exposed. Of course, you are very welcome to go and kill them.

Avoid fighting in other players’ territories

ESPECIALLY if that territory owner is around. When you are in others’ territories, your tail will be seriously exposed and the owner can threaten to cut your tail without fearing you may counter-attack. You can’t kill the territory owner if he is in his territory. This is a serious disadvantage and I highly recommend you not to risk it.

Bonus: 100% win!

When you reach 100% by conquering the whole map, the game will prompt a “You Win!” message. Although it may be pretty difficult for newbies, it isn’t unachievable.

The general idea of the strategy is to fill the edges of the map, make a circle and then at last the whole map will be filled, reaching 100%! (That’s why I say the no-edge strategy is newbie only)

Youtube video for a guide for 100% in paper.io:

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