solo win? Map Guide (City)

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The city map is one of the classic maps on It is one of the maps which is pretty difficult to get a high score on, with the official world record of only 2354 points. Do you want to break this record? Check out this short guide about this map!

Head straight to parks or sidewalks park
A park!

When you start out, your hole is so small and you don’t have many options on what you can eat. I highly recommend you to race to parks, which have a lot of +1 point small bushes and trees. Parks are located on green grounds. If you can’t find a park, go and find sidewalks. You can eat bins, people (lol) and traffic cones which also give 1 point each. Sometimes you will find a dumpster with a lot of garbage when moving along a sidewalk, which can give you a very good initial boost!

Skyscrapers – Avoid them even your hole is big enough to eat them

Even though these large buildings give you +16-20 points, it is very difficult to position yourself right to eat them. Don’t bother wasting time on them – eat clusters of small buildings (+3-10) instead!

Don’t go to edges and corners

The edge (City map)

This strategy applies to all maps, especially this one. There are mostly super big buildings and few cars near the edges, so don’t bother hanging around there. It is also time-consuming to backtrack to the main city, avoid them.

Don’t bother chasing players

Those other players are just bots that will flee when you chase them. Don’t bother it, this strategy also applies to all maps.

Hope this short guide help!

solo win?
My personal best in the solo 2 min challenge!

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