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Share this post! is a survival IO game. As a newbie, you are quickly presented with a lot of challenges: fighting hostile animals, staying hydrated, keeping warm and PVP etc. That’s not easy.

This guide will help you to survive at least the first few days, I hope you will find it useful!

Wood, then pickaxe, then stone, then a spear/sword. Item Bar is pretty similar to the popular sandbox game Minecraft. You gather resources, upgrade your tools, and then use them to fight or continue to advance.

Gather 10 wood from nearby trees and craft a wooden pickaxe. This way, you can gather 2 wood/sec (unlike 1/s before) and unlock the ability to gather rocks. Then, gather some stone and wood for a workbench. This will unlock more crafting options.

Then, start making weapons. Both sword and spear are good. For me, the spear is a nice pick. It lets you hit forest spiders and wolves while keeping a safe distance between them. Sword deals slightly higher dmg but has a shorter attack range.

When doing this, try hard to avoid getting near any aggressive animals. If you spawn at night, try to find a spot with some trees and rocks around, so you can keep warm while collecting resources.

Stay hydrated, get warm and eat food status bars

Ok, so you now have some basic weapons and resources. After that, you will start to notice that the rightmost 3 “bars” are going low. You have got to deal with them asap because when one of these status bars are flashing, you will not be able to heal. To make it worse, when one of the bars reach 0, you will start losing health.

Health (Green)

Your HP, when it reaches 0, you die. You can use healing items like bandages to speed up healing.

Food (Red)

This can be recovered by eating. It will drop slowly over time. Tips: Be careful when eating raw meat and fish, they will recover your food bar a bit but will lower your health slightly [poisoning]. Cook them on a nearby campfire if you don’t want to be poisoned.

Temperature (Light Blue)

[Forest, starting biome] You will lose temperature faster at night while the temperature loss at day is pretty much negligible. [Snow, winter biome] You will lose temperature very fast no matter what… [Lava biome] You will gain temperature instead of losing it. It is also a problem, as when you are too hot, the temperature bar will slowly change to red and you will still die when it is maxed.

Craft campfires and stay around them to warm yourself. Tip: Free an item slot for a few campfires so you can use them fast!

Water (Dark Blue)

You can drink water by going to nearby ponds and seas. Stand on the water sources and your water status will increase itself.

Oxygen (White, hidden when not in water)

You will find a white bar pop up when you are in the water. It will drop pretty quickly when you are in water and recovers when you are on land. Tips: Place a bridge on water sources so you can drink water without worrying about your oxygen level!

When your food, temperature and water is >70%, your will be able to recover your health.

Very simple fighting guide

Monsters glowing in red is hostile, they will attack you! Monsters glowing in white is neutral, they will attack you aggressively if you attack them first.

A Farmer or an Adventurer?

Farmer: You can choose to stay safe. Farm resources and food to feed yourself, help your teammates and sometimes innocent newbies. Build a nice shelter with buildings and plots to supply resources to everyone. This may be pretty boring, but it is a nice and easy approach to grind score and golden bread (a premium in-game currency).

How to start farming a stable income of resources? First, farm a handful of wood, stone and dig dirt(obtained through digging on the ground with a shovel). Collect berries and wheat seeds in the wild. Then, craft some farming plots, a windmill, bread ovens, pitchfork, watering can. This sets up a simple farm.

Adventurer: Explore everywhere, upgrade your tools and fight boss monsters! Once you are ready, march to different new biomes and obtain new resources, fight new monsters and have fun. Make sure to complete Chrono Quests to obtain interesting items to level up.

Bag & Book (IKEA Manual) – Craft ASAP bags and books

A bag gives you 5 extra item slots. With a book, you can craft items 3 times faster. So good!

After settling things down, you are going to chase these two main objectives asap for the sake of your development. Start by farming wolves and spiders in the forest. You need 4 pieces of paper, 9 wolf fur and 10 thread. Paper can be obtained by crafting with 20 wood over a campfire, while wolf fur is from killing wolves and thread is from killing spiders.

Hackers? Savages?

I heard that there are a lot of these annoying players. Hackers… well it is self-explanatory. Savages are players which prefer to kill, destroy everything. They won’t care if you don’t have any good tools and items, but they would come when they see you have good stuff.

Pretty unavoidable, blame your luck lol. Your best chance to survive is to avoid getting on the leaderboard and hide your best armors and weapons.

You died? No worries. death screen

After you died, you will receive golden bread and points. Golden bread is used to spin new costumes and activate boosts, while points are used to give you a nice boost in your next game. However, you will lose all your buildings and items. It is a survival game!

That’s all. If you find the guide useful, share it with your friends and play this amusing io game with them together! I know the content is a bit trashy… but that’s all I can do tho.

Last Update: 28/3/2022

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