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Game Review – Math go multiplier game

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In this game, you can battle with others by math. You can challenge your friends who can do addition, subtraction, multiplication fastly and precisely. If you have confidence in your math level, It is a really good game.

There will be 20 questions each round. You can battle others from the internet and also battle with your friends. There is also a leaderboard to see the global rank. It is super fun seeing the rank of you keep increasing. It can also enhance your ability to do basic operations (speedy!) and humiliate your opponents.

There are 3 levels: basic, moderate and advanced.


Score: 7/10


You can play with your friends. This doubles the fun.

If you have kids and little brothers and sisters, maybe this can train their basic operation skills!


This app has many advertisements. 1 ad every 2 game rounds really affect the gaming experience.

You can also find the game on Google Play.

Enjoy the beauty of simple math!

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