Ability 2 Ability Guide

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Have trouble on choosing the right ability in This guide can help.

#1 ability Ability 1

These are the first ability you can choose when your copter reaches level 20 – let’s have a look at the choice.

Explosive Grenade

It throws an explosive and damaging grenade at your enemy.

This is a good offensive weapon. If your enemy gets caught by the grenade, it can take away at least half of their health and place you in an advantageous position.

However, since there is a time lag between you throwing the grenade and it exploding, most of the time your enemy can escape from the grenade if your planning is worse. So this ability needs some skills.


It can teleport you – yes that’s all.

This allows you to surprise an enemy and get near them, so you can shoot them dead easily.

Best paired with Melee Storm (Ability Tier 2).


It blinks all nearby players for about 4 seconds, they will fail to see anything during this time.

In my opinion, this ability is the best among all 5 abilities.

When you blink an enemy, they can’t see where you are and can’t shoot you accurately. You will be quite immune to their bullets then.

If you are in low health, activating a flashbang can bring your enemies a few seconds of confusion which can probably allow you to escape from dangerous situations.

It is good for both newbies and pros. It doesn’t require any skills, you just activate it and all the nearby players will be blinked instantly. Pros can use this ability to gain more kills when others are confounded by your flashbang.

Bullet Wipe

It will clear all the bullets floating around you.

Pretty useful in long-distance fights. It takes some time for the new bullet shot by your enemies to reach you again, which gives you a short period of total safety, This short interval can allow you to escape, to fight back or to use any other abilites if you like without scared at being killed.

However, it is totally useless in short-distance fights.

This ability requires no skills, friendly for newbies!


It releases 3 small bombs which can deal moderate damage to your opponent.

It is a minor offensive ability which can cut down your enemy’s health a bit with a lower chances of failure, compared to explosive grenade.

You need skills for that because the time lag between you activating it and the bombs exploding is long. Predict where your enemy is going and activate it and you will be fine.

Bonus upgradesRead Below

#2 ability Ability 2

These are the second ability you can choose when your copter reaches level 40 – let’s have a look at the choice.

Remote Bomb

Similar to Explosive Grenade. However, the bomb only deteriorates when you make it do so, making it a good landmine.

I don’t recommend you to choose this ability. Who will be that foolish and get trapped when they see a bomb lying?

Melee Storm

When anyone touches the storm which spawns as a ring around your copter, it deals damage to that player.

Best paired with teleport, also favors players with a high player speed (Skill #1).

Banana Bomb

Release a few explosive banana.

An enhanced version of explosive grenade though.

Laser Beam

Release a straight beam of laser which can slowly drain other players’ health when they touch the laser beam.

A rather good ability that can deal some damage to your enemy instantly. However, he can just move away from the beam easily which makes the laser beam far from being a killer.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade

Similar to flashbang, players in the affected area will be blinded. The smoke stays for about 6-7 seconds.

Eh… Definitely not a good ability. However, if you are a flashbang user, a smoke grenade can act as a backup. Also, smoke Grenade reloads very fast, which makes it a rather versatile ability.

Bonus UpgradeRead Below

Bonus Upgrade (Not recommended!)

You will get ~5 bonus upgrade points, which you can use it to upgrade your skills. (health, health regeneration, armor, bullet speed, firing rate, bullet size, bullet damage or movement speed)

Well, I highly don’t recommend you to choose it. You may get some advantages when farming, but it is never good when fighting an enemy. A few percent boast in your fire rate or your player speed done nothing to your enemy, you must use the abilities to fight and confound them.


I explode myself in

Hmm… I can’t think of any good endings so I give you this –

Use bombs CAREFULLY!!!!!!

Update: 27/6/2021

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