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Wanna win the first place like me?

Here I have made a handy guide to win as a prank student –

Generally, winning as a student is less challenging than winning as a teacher, especially after the update. The strategy for a student is very simple – You have to identify which objects can be used as a prank and which can not as fast as possible and use them to strategically create the most chaos without the teacher seeing you. This is the way I play and it always works. Here’s the guide:

Identify the items around you

You have to know not every item around you is useful. Some items can’t be used to pull pranks – like a used balloon. Some are incredibly useful – like a Bunsen burner.

So if you want to win the game, you must be able to identify which item is useful and which is useless. Then use the right one to pull pranks to get the most chao points.

This can be done by playing the games several times. Observe your prank neighbor and see how they prank or pick a few items and try them yourself.

Time is Key

The game is practically a speed run. You have to keep pulling pranks non-stop, keep picking up stuff and interact with them in order to win.

You should spend all your time finding items and create chaos. Don’t hesitate for a moment and walk around or you will lose. Learn to fiddle with your keyboard and you will be on your way to win the game.

Also… Sometimes you will enter a game that has already started. Exit and find a new one because this may give you a disadvantage.

Don’t afraid of getting caught

No worries – if you get caught you will just get detention for 20 seconds and lose the chao points you get recently. It is just a small loss, so don’t panic and go frozen if the teachers walk past.

Use these items with caution!

Some items are difficult to use, not effective, or may give you negative effects. Use them to pull pranks ONLY IF YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!

Toilet paper – Using it to stuff the toilet only gives you a maximum of 2 chao points. And you have to spend like 5 seconds to pull this prank. Of course, you can throw it into the toilet to make things faster, but I still think this doesn’t worth it. Entering the washroom wastes time, too.

Soap – Even this item can give you a considerably high chao points (max 5), this will give you a poison effect.

Lighter – The burn radius of a lighter is very small, and you have to spend time activating the lighter. You also have to find wood objects to burn to get chao points, which spends time. (I would rather choose bunsen burner as carrying it already give you points, burning stuff gives a further bonus)

The common ones…

Clothes hanger in

Clothes hanger – For an unknown reason, there are clothes hangers everywhere on nearly every map. (especially the map in the image above!) Every clothes hanger carries 3-6? clothes. Every clothes you pull down give you chao points!

Paper bins – It can be found in most of the places, especially in rooms and toliets.

These items are easy to find, so you don’t have to waste time finding stuff to pull pranks. They also give you a good amount of chao points, too.

Don’t pull the same prank again and again…!

If you pull the same prank more than once within a short period of time, the chao points you get will be very small and sometimes you don’t get any.

Always “on the run”

Yes, I mean it. Every time you finished pulling a prank, hurry to run away and go to another place to pull a new prank. Never stay in the same place for TOO LONG! The teachers may find you when patrolling and reverse all the pranks you have done easily if you stay in only one place to pull pranks.

Most of the other students may be bots score

I can’t confirm this – but for some reason, most of the other students (also teachers) seem to walk and interact with items slowly and awkwardly. They also don’t pull pranks much, too. Most of them only get about 10 chao points every game. Some even throw objects at teachers and the teachers don’t care – wow.

This makes it easy for you to win the game.

Last Update: 26/6/2021 – +1 tip

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