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Mega Mall Story – Game Review

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Love stimulation game? Dreaming of being a boss of a mall? Mega Mall Story is the game for you!


Brief Introduction

Mega Mall Story is a business management simulation game which allows you to manage your own shopping mall. Attract visitors and “fight off” rivals, build luxury shops and invest in your neighbourhood projects, and aim to become a 5-star mall of mega proportions!

Your Aim

Mega Mall Story Closing time

You have got 15 game=years to develop your mall. During this time, you have to make careful investment and improve your mall to get “stars” for your mall.

If your mall is able to earn the 5-star reputation within this time limit, it means you win! The game will save your high score and you can share this to others.

Basic Game Mechanics

Mega Mall Story "Open"


Used to build shops, make investment, etc.


Shops are a very important element in Mega Mall Story. Shops provide you profit when customers make a purchase, which is essential for your mall’s development.

There are other type of shops like payphones and rest shops. They will increase the stats of the nearby shops, higher stats = higher attractiveness = more customers = more profits.

Shops can be improved by means of quality or stocks availability. Pay hearts to improve them.


They are used to buy special building’s blueprints. They can be obtained from satisfied customers.


Refering to the image above, do you see a little button “Pop 59”? When it reaches 100, click into it, you will be in a “Fever Mode”, which your chance to get hearts will increase.


Mega Mall Story Closing time

An in-game month is equal to around 2 minutes. When the “W” reaches 4, all your shops close and all your customers leave. A big sale is hosting in both July and December.


Weather affects the amount of customers coming to your mall, beware!

My opinion on this game?

Rating: 7.5/10, 8 if it is free!


The best of all – It can be played without an Internet connection. Most game nowadays requires a stable Internet connection. Mega Mall Story is one of the among few that doesn’t require the Internet. You can play the game anywhere – No matter where you are, you can still play it as long as your phone still has enough battery.

It is a medium-paced game. I have spent 2 months to reach the 15-year barrier.

It uses really little battery. Why? The game design is rather simple and it does not require any internet connection. So the battery drainage is rather slow.

Mega Mall Story is also available in Nintendo Switch.


is a paid game. You need to pay USD$4.99 (App Store)/USD$5.49 (Google Play) to buy Mega Mall Story. Free trial is only for Google Play users. It is a one-time payment, you don’t have to pay any additional fees after the payment. If this game is free, I would definitely give a rating of 8 or 8.5. Mega Mall Story is one of the many paid games developed by Kairosoft. You can check out the free ones if you don’t afford/want to pay.

My second complaint is the saving features is very outdated. If you delete or reinstall it, all game process will be deleted. It is impossible to recover the data because all the game data is stored on your phone. Most of the games nowadays have a cloud saving feature, this one doesn’t.

The game design is also eh… pixelated, just like Minecraft. Game design is quite hasty.

The game process needs to be saved constantly. The game will autosave for you, but sometimes it doesn’t work. To make it safer, click the “Save” button occasionally during playing.

It is only available in a few languages – Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai. Luckily you can upload your own language pack.

Game Download Link:

Mega Mall Story 2 – More features and shops!

Due to the increasing popularity of Mega Mall Story, Kairosoft has released the second version of Mega Mall Story. It is just like the original one – But with more shops and more regulars for you to collect, the design is better too!

However, it is ~20% more expensive than the old one…

Mega Mall Story Lite – Free Trial of the game

Again, due to increasing popularity, Kairosoft has released a free version of the game, only for Google Play!

In the free Lite version of the game, you can play for 2 in-game years.


Let me give you some personal advices if you really decide to buy the game:

  • You will always face a “heart” shortage. It is very hard to obtain hearts because it is so hard to satisfy the customers.
  • Use the “Pop” button wisely, only activate it in a sunny Summer and Winter sale.
  • Remove all unpopular shops – They waste space and maintenance fee.
  • Never hold any Discount sales – It wastes your heart and is useless.
  • Look at the star levelling up instruction carefully

P.S. Actually it is very easy to get your mall to 5-star. I achieve this in year 12.

Game Promotion Video

Promotional Video for Mega Mall Story
Promotional Video for Mega Mall Story 2

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